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About me

Greetings! I'm Prunk, and i'm hoping to DM your next game. There are hundreds of DMs here and you stumbled onto my profile so it seems like your ready for a quest. Let me be your Gandalf guiding you through an adventure. I can be that little fairy saying Hey Listen! that you get annoyed with but your glad is there when you forget where your supposed to go after not playing for 3 months. And most importantly I am different from most other DMS Why am i different? I run Homebrew Campaigns based on your favorite Video Games. Rather successfully i might add. Do you want the Nostalgia of playing through Ocarina of Time but make it feel unique and new again? What about trudging through the Undead burgs of Dark souls but with companions who share in your struggles? Is saving Spira from the Aeon Sin with a final fantasy themed campaign? Is your own adventure through Tamriel or Skyrim something that interests you? I think i've made my point. Look forward to working with you

GM style

I play by the rule of cool. If it is semi-reasonable and makes for a great story then I will run with it. I'm happy to have a conversation about my ruling after the end of a game or between games. I do attempt my best to maintain consistency with my rulings. I’m more prone to make up a ruling on the spot than look up one. I improvise extraordinarily well and am happy to throw all my notes into the fire if the players make a decision I did not predict. I take player choice very seriously and your decisions will have consequences good OR bad.

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