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Hello! I started playing DND when I was in college and shortly after I started playing I saw my DM railroading the campaign a bit. Some of the players enjoyed this, but I thought to myself, "I wonder if I can do this?". Not too long, I started DMing, and I fell in love with it the art of it. I took advanced theater classes in high school and was an improv performer for 2 years. I enjoy the acting and mechanics of the game and try to make the game immersive through roll playing and homebrewed rules I steal from other famous DMs, as well as some of my friends. I don't shy away from homebrew, however, whatever is homebrewed I like to keep consistency--no one likes a DM that says yes to everything and negates rules--but I'm not afraid to crack a few rules to make an awesome omelet! I can’t wait to have the honor to host your game.

GM style

This section is for me trying to convince you I don’t suck too bad at a DM. IMPROV: As a former improv performer I relish in the thought of players derailing my plans. That is the fun of being a DM, especially when it gives me an excuse to bust out the random encounter tables. PUZZLES/EXPLORATION: you can bet your bottom dollar that puzzles and exploration are thought-provoking. Puzzles are mostly optional so that they don’t slow the story down, but for those who figure them out, they are rewarded handsomely. COMBAT: I have house rules for combat to speed it up, but I NEVER just bypass combat with unsatisfying reasons because it always results in anticlimactic outcomes bathed in disappointment. Combat is supposed a big part of the game so I try to get at least one encounter in every game. If combat is skipped it is because of the PC’s quick and witty thinking. ROLEPLAY: As a former actor, I can say that I love playing with everyone by improving silly voices that I’m not good at and having a good laugh. Narration and roleplay are what I love to do. I enjoy getting lost in the sauce of roleplay and I try to give my characters meaning, and let the PC give meaning to my characters. But I NEVER TAKE PLAYER AGENCY AWAY or make the game about me. This is your game. I am just a humble servant willing to host. DICE: I like dice rolling programs, and physical dice, so although I use discord, it’s more to hear all of your beautiful voices and not really to use Avrae. I’m a little old-fashioned. HOMEBREW: Upon request, I don't mind customizing and homebrewing the story. I love implementing homebrew material such as rules, items, and races as long as they are talked about beforehand. I don't mind making personal custom stories, but that might effect the cost as I would be pouring more time into it, but don't be afraid to reach out and ask me personally! WELCOME TO ALL: Kindness and love are what I want to be a good example of, and I aim to protect those in my game as the DM. So I have zero tolerance for making anyone from any background or belief being put down. This is modeled after the golden rule, but I will refer to this as my personal “ALL rule”, which is: ALL does not need to agree with ALL, but ALL must be kind to ALL backgrounds, ALL religions, ALL beliefs, and ALL people. Failure to follow the “ALL rule” will result in me asking you to leave the session.

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