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About me

My name is Aaron. I have been playing DnD for roughly 13 years, and have been immersed in the culture for easily twice that. I have a passion for writing, plot, and structure. I spend a lot of my free time reading various stories, or studying various methods of story craft. As a DM, you will find me flexible. I sometimes opt to replace written rules with more logical formats, and generally allow you do something if you can make a good argument for it. I hold no interest in railroading you, or preventing your expression of personal art. I guarantee one on one help with character creation, down to the little things. I promise there will be no immediate rejection of your ideas, instead I opt to work with you for your concept to fit the balance of the world. Why pay? Regular and longtime players of DnD are well aware of the terrible feeling of an enjoyable campaign running dry, for any number of reasons. Players get upset, tempers get flared, obligations arise, schedules conflict. When you commit to a paid game, you are paying to avoid those issues. I personally interview every applicant to ensure that they are compatible with other players, and understand what is expected as a player. I ensure that encounters are balanced, so min-maxing characters are challenged alongside those who wish to play more challenging choices. I ensure that the players you play with are like minded. I do the work of weeding out murderhobos and the less serious, and you just worry about playing. When you pay for your session, you are ensuring the DM is there for you on time, with maps and tokens ready. You are ensuring that the days before session are dedicated to crafting encounters, designing characters, preparing voices, and customizing rewards. You are ensuring one on one help creating your character and blending them into the world. You are ensuring that time and attention is paid to the finer details of your character, and that there will always be something interesting around the bend. You are assisting me in being able to afford even more content that will immediately be funneled back into your games, while helping someone achieve their dreams.

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