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Mickey Miller

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About me

I've been playing tabletop games for about 10 years ever since highschool and loved it ever since. However, back then, life tended to get in the way. I still love games of course, but had to move on to playing them over voice and text using things like Roll20 and Discord. A few years ago i got a bit of experience hosting professional DnD games to put kind of dumb? Yes its true. My players, and my own experience, have shown me that my knack for 300+ rulebooks is lacking to say the least. But i still love RPGs and the fun that can come out of them! To that end, ive signed up here. In hopes of starting fresh with a few good players and some simpler systems. My current players over discord enjoy my worldbuilding, characters, and generally upbeat feeling games! So if you are in the mood for some lighthearted, rule light, RP heavy, fun, then you've found your man! (and, hopefully, ive found a player!) :) - Mickey

GM style

I've always had a little pet theory i like to call the "Triangle of GMing." Characters, Rules, and Story. A good GM is good at two and competent in one. A great GM is good at all three. Most people, myself included, tend to fall into the former category, myself included! (No offense meant to anyone! we all have strengths and weaknesses!) That's a long winded way of saying that i enjoy long in character RP sessions where only a few roles might happen, maybe even none of them. A few sessions can even pass by without a combat encounter. Im much more comfortable having characters mess around on their days off than in pitched combat. Overall i tend to have very light hearted, character and roleplaying focused games, with fights thrown in to spice things up! (this of course varies by game) Im there's anything a player wants to discuss, change, explore, or ask about, i openly encourage it! And im available most any time of the day to talk, or even have solo adventures if you are so inclined!

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