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About me

Hi my name is lorenzo and I have entered a period in my life were I have a chance to make my favorite hobby into a career. I enjoy tabletop games especially online with all the tools available to make a game more immersive. I am trying to find players to fill out 3 maybe 4 games on a weekly basis in my world. The world is living and some choices in one campaign can have an impact on the other campaigns.

GM style

An example of a session in my campaign that has been going on a few months now. My style focuses on character choices and making them matter. when a player decides to do something or is presented with a scenario the world around them adapts. I hate the tell tell games style were all choices basically lead to the same outcome. The Next part is for my 5E world. And in my world all players have a mythic progression path. This is a separate "subclass system" similar to talent trees of mmos. An example is one of my players in a game is trying to become the speaker of the elements. His base class is a barbarian path of the berserker (5E). The choices he has made allows him in combat to laydown pockets of wind in combat that can refresh an allies speed once per turn on knock an enemy prone if they go through it. His second mythic choice he just choose a flat +35hp( a boring but strong level 6 choice). That is just an example of my mythic system. my best offering in my opinion is my maps. have some huge to scale maps and combat. That being said my biggest con I can think of for my me is my voice work is not the best. I will be upfront about this. I am saving up for a Goxlr pro which should help with this but thats not for sometime.

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