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About me

Hello there prospective adventurers. I like to think my tables are a safe and inclusive space for any and all with a passion for the fantastical or abhor the mundane. It is a novel enterprise with a focus on TTRPGs, to include but not limited to: 5e; call of Cthulhu; Delta green; Genesys RPG; Shadows of Esteren; Dune; the Dark Crystal; and many more upcoming and recently funded Kickstarters.

GM style

With equal parts roleplay, and combat opportunities. All of my games, one-shot or campaign, focus on cooperative story telling; but just like any great rollercoaster, a great story needs to stay on the rails. This sort of style may not appeal to everyone; but my dream is to build a team of players who enjoy a well structured story with a shared goal of producing live play content. Those who do enjoy my GM Style have told me that they like that I'm well organized, have a good sense of humor, and can tell stories with deep narratives.

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