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About me

Hey all! I'm Jack, I'm a best selling adventure writer and professional GM with years of experience. I am all about narrative experiences, with the players at the centre, and I want to help you create the best adventure we possibly can! I've got years of experience running countless sessions of TTRPGs, for both my friends and for strangers. I obsess over the games when I'm not playing, always plotting and scheming elaborate set pieces and NPCs for my players to bamboozle and destroy.

GM style

I am a big believer in player agency, and my favourite moments of any game are when my plans are upended and my hours of prep utterly ruined by a clever, unexpected or simply insane player move. You will never be railroaded at my table, but I will make sure no one is spoiling anyone else's fun. As a professional GM, I will work hard to make sure everyone is satisfied and enjoying themselves. I believe in creating a safe and tolerant space, and will be using safety tools to make sure everyone is comfortable. If you're looking for a GM who puts players first and loves making sure everyone has their time to shine, then you've come to the right place!


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