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Kyle Kelley

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About me

Its all in how we tell a story. Whether we are in the towering silent halls of a stone library by the sea, or under a moldy-damp sheet in a mushroom forest of the Underdark. This game for me, has always been about finding the ends of our rainbows. Escaping through the forgotten wardrobe. Falling down the rabbit hole. Illustrating our wildest dreams of fantasy. I provide you the multiverse and all of the lovely (and horrifying) details it comes with. You bring the quill and ink to recount all that you may experience. A set of dice may help you as well! I've been playing all sorts of versions of Dungeons & Dragons for 18 years on and off, with a love for mastering dungeons in the past 5 of them. I eagerly look forward to hosting new games until the end of time, introducing new players and tailoring to seasoned ones all the same. Every game is legendary and my players always remember the times shared around the table or at the screen. I'm very focused on immersion and the cosmic workings affecting planes, planets, weather, noises, that may influence the paths you take. Capable of managing long and short games, I strive to deliver to all parties alike. I welcome you, adventurers in all walks of life, to find comfort 'round this fire we call the internets as we unfold the pages of destiny untold together.

GM style

The style is open and varied depending on what players bring to the table. I like to view myself as the fluid that can fill any shaped glass. I've had one group who very seriously thwarted an evil mastermind who's stolen away all of Christmas in a one-shot, and have had another group do just the same but they were all literal cats! Do you like story-driven epics? Evil-based syndicates? Glorious battle? Curious spells gone wrong? Magic items abound? You've come to the right place! I can take the most unsuspecting Goblin and give it the most memorable spark of purpose, while housing an entire 600+ page mega dungeon that will grind the meat right off o' the character sheet. I freely open my games to players with explosive imaginations as well as players who enjoy taking the back seat of the horse-drawn wagon. I'm still new to the voice acting thing but am very instinctual and reactive to everything we get our hands on! The tabletop is my home setting, of course, but a new frontier has opened for all of us to enjoy this game near and far online! How many times have I been stumped over who can come over and when, when an opportunity such as this arises to supply DMs and players the chance at playing all the time, forever?? I host games that are LBGTQ+/ BIPOC friendly and any bullying, racism, sexism, or anti-LGBTQ+ nonsense will not be tolerated whatsoever!

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