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About me

I am a DM who focuses on creating a safe and fun environment for my players. If requested I can make scenarios to help my players work through current issues they may be going through. Or my games could be a grand escape from the outside world. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and have been a Dm for almost three years. I am a creative writing major and currently going through my bachelor's. I hope to make new friends and expand my dming skills beyond what they are currently. I can branch for any genre and I never gatekeep or give unfair rulings. I look forward to playing with any one of you and look forward to the adventures we all will have together. I would like to have a game that I can live stream on twitch but we can also play on our own private sessions.

GM style

I love a mixture of RP, battles, and problem-solving. I use maps, ambient music, I do voices, and can use voice mod. I love using roll20 for maps and battles as well as making custom tokens for my online players. I get character's backgrounds and like making personal arcs for them to go through. I let my players explore a detailed sandbox world with stories set for them to follow if they wish. If we are following a module adventure then it's a little more railroaded but not too much. I let characters make any character they wish, with some minor limitations. I use Dndbeyond to allow content share so my players can use all official books. I also love helping new players and giving very filling and satisfying experiences. If there are player issues I prefer it if you come to me. Together we will work together on a solution, but any players who are an issue will get the three-strike system. If after three strikes the behavior isn't resolved I will talk to the other players and have a vote if the player needs to be removed. My games are safe spaces for people to have fun and work through things they wish. I will ask what type of game the players want and work my way from there. I look forward to playing with any of you and good luck on the path adventurer!


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