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Are you all about an immersive, delightful, exhilarating story? Do you long to delve deep into ancient forests, tiptoe through forgotten caverns, or soar through the air aboard an ramshackle airship that some nincompoop of an artificer thought was a good idea? Then you'll love sharing stories with me. I run high fantasy games with a dash of whimsy, memorable NPCs, and inventive plots - you might say Tolkien with a dash of Terry Pratchett. I've played D&D since the early 80s, mostly as the DM, and I am a theatre director and teacher in Real Life. As a result, I'm skilled at improv and storytelling as well as running an RPG session. I've run short campaigns, one-shots, and longer multi-year campaigns. My approach to the game is "story first," but I'm fair and consistent with rules. My philosophy as a DM is that the players created their characters hoping to be able to use all those cool feats and abilities, and it's my job to give them a chance to do that. I craft encounters and stories to allow the players to shine. Until recently, all my games were in person at my huge game table, and I'm still a pencil, paper, and dice guy at heart. But I've found that online play can be just as satisfying, and for the past year my sessions have been run using webcams, Owlbear Rodeo, Meet, and Google Slides. If you'd like to lose yourself for a few hours in a wonderful fantasy adventure, let me know! Adventure awaits!

GM style

My emphasis is on storytelling, with memorable locations, NPCs, and plots. I homebrew and skin a lot of things to make the story more interesting and fun. I love when players describe what they want to do as opposed to asking to make a certain type of roll. I love good role play but I'm not afraid to move things along when role play gets bogged down and doesn't keep the story going. I love creative, well-crafted encounters and never rely on random tables or pointless battles which don't serve the story. I don't plan the actions of the players, I just plan the history and situation and let them tell the story, and there's nothing better than when players solve problems in ways I never could have imagined. My rule of thumb is that a good D&D session should give players a chance to Go somewhere cool Talk to someone interesting Learn something new Fight something Get rewarded

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