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WHO I AM: My name is Steve and I've been rolling the dice since the '90s. WHAT I LIKE: I love running both short and long games. Most importantly, I enjoy playing with people who fully embrace their characters and communicate with their fellow players. WHAT I DO: Apart from running games, I have also been developing the official Mutant Year Zero for Foundry, as well as Fallout 2D20 and AC2D20 systems and modules. WHAT I PLAY: I enjoy playing different systems and settings, including Savage Worlds, Alien, MYZ, The One Ring, Delta Green, and many more.

GM style

I'm all about setting the vibe, hitting the right tempo, and throwing players into worlds that are pulpable. I'm a fan of deep roleplaying, but a good fight? Count me in. Gotta keep that balance tailored to the story we're weaving. I love introducing folks to new systems, helping them carve out not just characters but full-fledged protagonists. I always try to create scenes that will suck you in. With online playing I like to engage all the senses through the sounds, images, videos, and voice modulators – I throw everything in the mix to make you more comfortable and present in the scene. I've danced with various systems, fine-tuning my craft with every step. From tales and legends set in the ancient times, gritty modern crime stories to the uncharted realms of the future. - I've spun stories across the spectrum. So, let's grab those dice and dive into the adventure!


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