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About me

DMing has long been a passion of mine. There is nothing quite like watching players grow their characters, and narrating the details of their story as they explore new worlds. Should you choose me as a DM, you can expect a game full of humour, horror, or history as the story demands. I'm pretty laid back, and you can be sure to have as stress free a game as is possible to have when you're facing more foes than would probably be wise, or trying to sneak past that sleeping dragon!

GM style

As stated in my about section, I am a fairly laid back GM. I love making my games as smooth as possible for the players in combat, describing their attacks and actions as they're rolled, and helping players to learn the ins and outs of their characters. I encourage roleplay at my table, and often devise ways to test a character's traits, and to intertwine their backstory into the story. Watching a character flourish and grow as they develop over the course of an adventure is a joy to behold. In terms of gameplay and themes, I am happy to run anything from family friendly games, to games with a more adult nature/story. I do not have many house rules as I play with mainly official rulings and some sage advice, though I am also open to some pre-discussed homebrew as the story demands. Roll20 is the platform I use, along with Discord for voice.

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