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About me

Ethan Van Akin Dungeon Master For Hire Born in '88 Ethan grew up with rpgs and jrpgs, with his father sharing a love for fantasy and classic stories of heroes overcoming all odds to save the day. However, with time, all fantasy is tempered, and this has developed and honed his Dungeon Mastering Style into one with high fantasy and high magic, combined with realistic combat and futuristic weapons. Deadly and intelligent enemies abound, threats that won't hesitate to use their deadliest weapons to their fullest potential combined with custom monsters sure to make any party quiver at initiative rolls. These things combined with thematic and interesting story elements create shared stories for the ages and build bonds between groups like few other tales can. Playing primarily 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, Ethan has experience running multiple single-page party rpgs but tells the deepest tales using 5e and its supplemental books combined with custom items and creatures. His stories tend to make its heroes feel as though they've earned their place on the pedestal amongst other fabled champions, while not quite the Dark Souls of DMs, be sure to bring a back-up character! Find him here; or Feel free to reach out to schedule games or discuss story options, Ethan is open to any setting or running pre-written games as well as his own advanced Eberron storylines.

GM style

I run high intrigue games with shades of gray and moral decisions abound! I will admit I have a penchant for tactical combat and pride myself on being able to challenge players of any skill. I make sure to add puzzles that aren't simple checks and traps that aren't just pitfalls but my games include depth that allows my players to really feel for their characters. Do you enjoy high magic and high stakes? Then maybe Eberron is the setting for you! From powerful air-born siege engines to lightning powered rail lines, the world of Eberron brings magi-tech fueled noir to players willing to scratch the surface of this enthralling setting.

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