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I've had RPGs in my life since I was a little dweeb with big round glasses and a bowl cut. I picked up D&D from my parents, who had played in college and well into parenthood, and I kept going, picking up more and more games as I got older. I ran a 10-year long D&D 4th edition campaign. (It's more like 12 now, but we're on a hiatus for the obvious reasons.) I do a bit of illustration. I tend to fill my sketchbooks with rough character portraits and scenes from my campaigns. I do a lot of RPG homebrewing, anywhere from creating new monsters/items for games to building whole new games. Don't worry, I'm not going to throw a bunch of house rules at you. I like to add Jewish folklore to my games sometimes, because it's cool and rarely done right. (Why would dybbuks look like jellyfish? They're supposed to be ghosts. Ghosts of people.)

GM style

I try to create a vivid, dynamic world for the players to explore, interact with, and (when appropriate) get spooked by. I like a good character voice, but I don't go so over-the-top that it becomes distracting. It's important to me that everyone feels included. It's easy for big personalities to overpower quieter players, so I make sure to engage with everyone regularly. It's cool if you just like to lay back in the cut and listen to everyone else, contributing only once in a while, but I want to make sure you get those chances to contribute when you're ready. I usually like to have an even mix of character-based roleplay and action, but this mostly depends on the system. I try to play each RPG in the best way I can for that system. If the game is all about combat, then we're gonna have some fights. If it's more about improvisation and character, then that's the focus. I like to run serious stories, and let comedy happen naturally in play, rather than explicitly trying to make things funny. I try to let drama land without undercutting it with jokes that break immersion, but I also don't want things to get awkward. It is of utmost importance to me that everyone feels comfortable at my (virtual) table. My table is friendly to LGBTQIA folks, women and BIPOC. I use the X Card (or a virtual equivalent) to ensure we can stop play if anyone is uncomfortable. If you're the kind of person who rolls their eyes at the word "privilege", you and I probably won't get along.

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