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Jacob Johnson
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About me

I'm a GM with 13+ years of experience and a love for teaching new players. I prefer FATE and Pathfinder 1e, as I've played them most often most recently, but I have access to a bunch of funky little indie games I'm more than willing to try out. I like to focus on storytelling with an emphasis on character arcs and collective growth. I've run a successful charity stream for Extra Life that raised over $1,000 through the club Alternative Entertainment at my alma mater, Roger Williams University (I graduated with a BFA in Creative Writing and a minor in Film). I love sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and getting my players to call me a bastard with smiles on their faces.

GM style

I like to focus on dramatic storytelling with an emphasis on character arcs and collective growth. I voice act my NPCs to the best of my ability. I try to encourage creative solutions to problems, whether in combat or roleplay, and greatly appreciate players who bring passion to their characters. Player actions in my games have consequences for the story and world at large. While I prefer to work with good or neutral characters, I know that it's possible to play evil in an interesting way that doesn't inherently cause unwanted conflict. If that's your thing, we can talk it out with the rest of the party.

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