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Me? I'm a nice fella who enjoys a good story. I've been in the people business for almost 30 years. Most of that time with young adults. Raised a quality family that all play D&D (Mom not so much but she indulges us). Love people no matter how "normal" or how "diverse" they may be. Not sure what else to say that won't be covered a little further down the page.

GM style

I prefer my games on the serious side, with some absurdity for spice. (Gothic Horror is my favorite playground) But that doesn't mean I don't absolutely enjoy cracking up and the ridiculousness of players... or myself. Resume? - I’ve got 38+ years of experience. - I do almost all my own maps (Which you can find all over Reddit or my new Patreon). - Wrote two variations of a 150+ page campaign guide for my Homebrew World. - Write short stories and backstories often. - Attempted novels (I get lost along the way in that). - Craft at least two new adventures a month. - Ran a 40+ local player network for years until I moved away. Reinvented it as a Digital Network that is now beginning to thrive. - Ran five different campaigns at once for three years. All with original content and intersecting plotlines, and did it quite well. - Hosted multiple table events and designed original content for large three day long tournaments four years in a row. - I Pen essays on the concepts and philosophies behind D&D frequently. - Taught Topical RPG workshops for my University’s large D&D Club. - And probably some other stuff…

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