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About me

My name is True - an old gamer tag from eons ago. But before gaming online, my friends and I played Dungeons and Dragons. I have always loved storytelling -- in game and out. The power of the Story is one significant across all cultures from all periods of time. And that is what I seek when we sit down for a Session Zero. The games that I run have a mixed bag of offerings. We do not run Module content that has been beaten to death. We run new and fresh stories with a lot of custom content, while adhering to the general rules of DND 5E. At my table, players will experience a fast-paced mixture of RP, Combat, Problem solving and exploration, all in fresh, new realms. I seek to provide a fun and custom-tailored experience to everyone at the table, and ask for a similar investment from my players. The reason that I mention this is that at it's core, Dungeons and Dragons is a team game -- we tell a story together. And that is what I embrace most. I have resources sharable on DND Beyond, such as PHB, DMG, Xanathar's, Tasha's, Monster Manual, etc etc. as resources to share among the games.

GM style

I love a game focused on story-telling. I prefer a group to RP all elements of the game -- but of course, players can do whatever they are comfortable with. The game play will be relatively fast paced, stopping where we want to spend more time, and intentionally not spending too much time doing things that don't drive the story forward. Typically, my games are Milestone leveling, with a balanced mix of Combat, Puzzles, RP, Problem Solving and Intrigue. Explore the world, and peels the layers of paint back to reveal what is happening underneath!

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