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About me

Hello there, dear player! I've GM:ed games since the mid 1980s, and I am absolutely blown away with the renaissance of RPGs we are experiencing at this time. I love focusing on RP, drama between the characters, and exploring worlds. I thrive on RPGs with societies that feel alive. Also - playing for drama! Many of the most golden role-playing moments come with characters show their weaknesses, have their dark secrets exposed, give in to their tragic flaws. I will take care to learn about what you want in a game, and what you do NOT want in a game. The characters should experience hardships, not the players, so we can avoid content that would be distasteful or distressing.

GM style

I love roleplay, well constructed settings with well defined cultures that make the world operate in a plausible fashion - NPCs react to what the PCs do informed by their social position, beliefs and cultural needs. My games will definitely have combat and adventure as well, but I prefer fast resolution systems to heavy crunch, as I am more interested in the drama of the story than tactical simulation. I love workshopping well designed characters during session 0, giving them a rich background, ties to family and friends that can be used for good effect later in the story, and well defined character wants, needs and weaknesses so that we can provide each PC with a strong arc as the story develops.


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