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Mikael Hellstrom
Game Designer

3 years on StartPlaying

318 games hosted

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Knows the Rules

Average response time: 4 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

Hello there, dear player! I've GM:ed games since the mid 1980s, and I am absolutely blown away with the renaissance of RPGs we are experiencing at this time. I love focusing on RP, drama, and exploring worlds. I thrive on RPGs with societies that feel alive. Many of the most golden role-playing moments come with characters show their weaknesses, have their dark secrets exposed, give in to their tragic flaws. I will take care to learn about what you want in a game, and what you do NOT want in a game. The characters should experience hardships, not the players.

GM style

My table always starts with a discussion on safety, giving players a space to express their boundaries and use safety tools effectively. Newcomers get helpful guidance and I maintain a fair and reasonable approach to rules. My players love deep role-playing - from Session 0, we work together on creating a rich background: - How did your character grow up? What about their family and friends? Career choice? What were some formative moments that shaped their values and perspective on life? What motivates your character's actions now? With this material, I setup a slow-burn, long, long campaign with arcs spanning dozens of sessions. Plot points set-up in the first couple of adventures might pay off in adventure six or seven, and pack all the more punch for it! Using questions like these, we pave the way for every player to experience strong story arcs for their characters. That way, everyone can contribute to make make the story engaging from start to finish, and I help with music and scene setting descriptions to bring you into the moment. I provide a guiding hand that ensures both new and veteran players feel involved. My "Yes and"/"Yes, but..."-approach builds player ideas into the narrative to create memorable moments. We'll work together to fit your character seamlessly into the story and I'll calibrate the pacing of the story carefully to allow your character their moments of awesome and drama, while bringing NPCs to life with enthusiasm. Experience the thrill of immersive storytelling, player-driven narratives, and a supportive gaming environment! Join me for an unforgettable tabletop adventure where your ideas and creativity are embraced. Let's create lasting memories together! Together, we will embark on an immersive journey through captivating worlds.


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