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About me

Hello, My name is Tyler. I love TTRPGs. I think they are a great way to explore collaborative story telling and creating a unique story. I come from an improv background and I bring that kind of energy to the table. I tend to keep things fun and built towards the players needs, and I love working with new players. My philosophy is that I like learning the rules so I know how to break and play with them later. I have logged the most hours in D&D 5e, but I also know the Powered by the Apocalypse system pretty well and love running games of Monster of the Week and Uncharted Worlds. Anything else I'm willing and eager to learn.

GM style

If you do pitch something cool I can come up with a way to make that work. I always want to build the stories to suit whatever the players are interesting in, weather they want whacky combat, something more serious, or just some fun role play sessions.


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