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Grant Riehm

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About me

Welcome to a fantastical world that you can feel, touch and smell. This is where your actions have rippling consequences and the story is shaped by your choices. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or you've never touched a die that has more than six sides, it'd be my honor to go on a lively adventure with you to another world. I discovered my passion of worldbuilding 15 years ago when I began GMing my own games. Creating immersive worlds with all the details - economy, geography, technology/magic, politics - became a personal mission for me. My games are where I tested and improved my skills. Whether you want to get totally lost in one of my immersive homebrew worlds, or you want a world tailor-built for you to explore, it's my pleasure to make it tangible and engaging. I love introducing new players to the game and bringing lapsed players back into the fold. Most of my campaigns have a balance of roleplaying, combat, and exploration, but those can each be dialed up or dialed back as you prefer. I specialize in open-ended campaigns that still follow a structured story. I love telling "choose your own adventure" stories with experienced (or new!) players who are interested in that style of play.

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