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About me

Hello , my name is Johnny . I have been playing since 1977 and GM since 1983 . I previously was here and left for a while and now i am coming back online to give it another go . As Jim Cornette Says 'How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away" , so I did . I have rethought some of my ideas and modified them a little bit to be a little more flexible, but not that flexible .

GM style

I will now be running a modified 3.5 system (the idea of combining all editions just will not work) . I will run a weekly game probably on Saturday or Sunday morning 8 or 9 AM MDT/MST [Denver . CO] . This is to allow any one from Western Europe who want to join the possibility of playing . My Game is 18+ ONLY and ENGLISH Only . The 18+ is because there is graphic descriptions in my game of gore , violence , substance abuse , sexuality and therefore it is inappropriate for minors . I use Google Hangout with camera and microphone . This is so i can see your reaction to things as i describe them . The other reason i use camera is i want to record the sessions so i can replay the and see reactions and fine tune my game by removing any glitches that occur . I want to become a better DM and improve my game and unless everyone is in agreement I will never release the video over the internet . We will obviously use theater of the mind but i will email battle maps if needed . i love combat and role play so there will be a lot of that in my game mixed with a few puzzles here and there .

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