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About me

I. Love. D&D. I love it! Communal story-telling taps into something primal that no other form of entertainment comes close to offering. Plus, it’s just REALLY fun to lob a fireball into a cavern filled with goblins and see what kind of chaos erupts! I’ve enjoyed D&D most of my life, going back almost 25 years to 2nd Edition (THAC0 wut?!). I’ve played a little bit of each edition since then, but didn’t really get hooked until about 5 years ago when I started DMing. Since then, I’ve hosted over 250 games. Interested in a campaign? I’ve run weekly campaigns that have lasted multiple years! Interested in a module? I own all of the current 5th Edition content! How about a one-shot? I have dozens in my back pocket to suit any situation! But above all else, as my day-job I’ve been producing live entertainment for the better part of a decade. I know what people find fun. I know how a story naturally ebbs and flows. I know how to set the atmosphere. And I bring all that knowledge into my games!

GM style

My key focus with any D&D game I run is immersion. I want the players to feel like their characters, and I want their characters to feel like they’re living in the world. I want them to hear the *whish* of an arrow flying past their head. I almost exclusively set my games in the Forgotten Realms - the land of Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate, of Red Wizards and powerful magic, of high fantasy, and most importantly - DRAGONS! While my campaigns are a little more story-driven, player agency is paramount. Though a larger story might be happening in the world, my players are always given reign to decide how much (or how little) they want to be involved in that narrative. Games typically are about 50% RP and exploration, and 50% combat. I tend to take spell descriptions literally and lean into the rules-as-written (RAW) as much as possible, but the “rule of cool” always has a place at my table. If a player comes up with a really unique way of approaching a situation, I say, “why not?!” The dice… they might have another opinion! Players of any kind are welcome! Inclusiveness is important, and I do ask all the players at my table to be patient with one another. Patience with new players is especially important.

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