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About me

Hello! I've been playing D&D (mostly as a DM) for over 10 years. I began with Pathfinder, and then moved over to 5th edition D&D. 5th edition is by far my most favorite out of the two, and I'm fairly familiar with the content and rules. On the side, I am also a voice actor, so I may sprinkle a couple voices in to the mix to liven things up. I put a lot of work into the world in regards to player backstories and decisions. I do create an overarching world, as well as a looming danger, but I don't force any of it on the players. The players let me know where they want to go through playing, and I will prepare the following sessions to reflect that. Over Roll20, I create custom maps, tokens, and apply dynamic lighting. I also have some music playlists to keep players immersed - you can also shut it off if you want, up to you! On another note, if you need any voiceover for a project, check out my Jerry Gee 2021 Character Demo on Youtube.

GM style

I love roleplay because I believe it's necessary to create greater immersion in the game. I strive for half roleplay and half combat. I believe that if roleplay is done well enough, it adds to the plot, and can add more gravity to battle.

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