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Excited to play some D&D with new friends! I started DM'ing for friends about 2 years ago, and immediately knew that I loved the role. Having been able to play the game as a player a few times since, some through here (Start Playing), and others in person, I noticed that I really enjoy the role-playing, character and story building aspects of the game, and decided that's what I would focus on for my "niche" as a DM. I'm hoping to meet up with, and have a blast playing this amazing game with some awesome creative people.

GM style

I enjoy giving my NPCs unique voices, and my voice acting is a work in progress. I encourage others to give their PCs a unique voice or flavor, as roleplay is very encouraged. Combat may be difficult, and require players to think on their feet, or even flee from a floundering situation. Above all, I enjoy having a party full of players who like to talk in character and act out their personal quirks. Having fun is the name of the game, abiding by the rule of cool and other rule changes based on what makes narrative/ logical sense do a lot to help that along!

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