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Cody Luba - Lvl 31 Dungeon Master - Chaotic Good Hey folks! I've been a DM for 15 years now through various version of D&D. I am working towards becoming a master of the craft and hope to use this site as an opportunity to further those goals. I tend to favor very high fantasy based worlds and homebrew content. I am a DM who favors player choice and tries to abide the rule of "never say no" as much as possible. This is YOUR game just as much as mine and my goal is to ensure we all have a great time. The players that will have the most fun in my games are ones who enjoy roleplaying/character and world building/ and lots of lore and immersion. I want you to use your skills as a player as well as your character's backgrounds to help build the world as much as explore it. For my sessions we will be using Astral Tabletop for the VTT, DnD Beyond for character sheet tracking purposes, and LegendKeeper for maps/note-taking/further lore and immersion! I look forward to adventuring with you!

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