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About me

I am a Dungeon Master with 6 years experience who has played all kinds of games from sci-fi space operas to down and dirty dungeon crawls. If you want a specific game, I can run it. My first ever game saw me play a paladin, a Dragonborn servant of Bahamut who had been exiled from his home for his beliefs. Unfortunately, my dungeon master at the time was very harsh and I was a newb at a table full of veterans. I was not shown mercy. Fortunately, I learned fast and studied from other sources, eventually becoming confident enough to run my own game. My first couple of games were rough, as is to be expected, but I did get the hang of it, taking them all the way from level 1 to level 20. Since then I have run almost exclusively these full length campaigns for my closest friends, with a smattering of One-Shots whenever I can. I have spent almost every day of my last 6 years of life learning new things about D&D, diving deeper and deeper into this world of mystery, magic, and role-playing. Today, I like to consider myself an accomplished, experienced, and well versed dungeon master with an excellent grip on the systems at play. While I haven't had an opportunity to branch out into other systems, I would love to learn.

GM style

I am absolutely in love with this game and every aspect of it. I will always try to give you the best possible experience on all fronts.


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