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Hawk Johenson

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About me

I am a long-time forever DM, perpetually bound to run whatever games my friends need. Now, I'm bringing that experience to you! I've got nearly 15 years of running games under my belt, and I've seen every flavor of game imaginable. High fantasy, low fantasy, sci-fi, horror, erotic, you name it, I've done it. With all this know-how and experience, I'd like to actually start getting paid to do what I do best - provide my players with an exciting story that twists and turns through a narrative roller-coaster, giving them an excellent ride every week! If you're reading this on my profile, you're welcome to listen to some campaigns I'm currently running for Prismblade Gaming, my own actual-play video series! I have three current campaigns - Tyranny of Dragons and Ghosts of Saltmarsh for D&D 5e, and Dakota: The Next Bang for FATE Core.

GM style

Heavy on the role-play, with a looser focus on combat rules. I prefer battles to be far looser and more interesting than what normal D&D rules allow, and I'll happily give bonuses to those who role-play their actions and attacks out. I also love strategizing and tactics in battles, and my enemies will often be planning their fight out - my players had better do the same, or they might be overwhelmed! On the role-play side, I love cinematic and dramatic games. Having plot twists and epic revelations is my bread 'n' butter, with low-key interpersonal moments in between these tense scenes to help build character relationships. It's great to see players building the story with each other, not just me!


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