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About me

I host limited capacity (6 ppl) campaign vacations at my Lakehouse in GA. These are shiny, high value events. Each one is hosted by me but also has a Celebrity DM who flies in and runs the campaign. These DM's are all well known and can be found ALL OVER social media. The events include room, meals, transport to/from Atlanta airport and usually extras (like a character mini). All you have to do is get to the Atlanta Airport (or the house) at the appointed time. These events run 3-4 nights long, are complete campaigns with 20-30 hours of game play. There is also downtime for other gaming and/or enjoying the lake. When I DM my games tend to be a combination of Big Trouble in Little China, meets Resevoir Dogs.

GM style

My hosted events feature celebrity DM's each with their own style. When I run a game myself it's... Big Trouble in Little China meets Resevoir Dogs. I like to launch with an action scene when possible. I love to use backgrounding (you did *this* already and now you're here). I love collaborative storytelling, letting other PC's take on NPC roles in one PC's flashback scene (for example). And I believe in the law of nat 20's and nat 1's. I enjoy tinkering with mechanics to create moods and effects in play. (in one game everyone played both a character and a boat. The boats would all take a turn in an epic sea battle and then we'd cut to the heroes on the harbor castle battling the villain.

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