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About me

I run a Twitch channel ( and have experience running games at conventions and at game stores. I love a mix of old school dungeon crawl action, roleplay and exploration. My love of D&D goes back to my days as a kid playing my first session of Keep on the Borderlands and getting slaughtered by a kobold immediately upon entering the Caves of Chaos (you can imagine what kind of imprint this has left on me as an adult). I love to play D&D both for the drama and for the laughter, so I hope we can enjoy a mix of both at a game together soon.

GM style

I do the silly voices. Sometimes I wear a hat. Mostly, I like to have fun. I really enjoy when I have the chance to improvise because a player does something unexpected - so I am more than happy to allow players to go off the rails and try something surprising. When it comes to game mechanics, I like to be pretty flexible with regards to the rules and allow the possible to happen even if it breaks RAW (often with a roll of the dice). If you'd really like to check out my style, take a look at any number of videos we have posted on the Twenty Sides to Every Story YouTube or Twitch channels. Join a game and lets tell a story together!


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