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About me

All my life, I made up stories, build worlds and wasted many, many pages of paper in my effort to remember all that junk randomly appearing in my head. Then someone introuduced me to TTRPG and I found a place in which all my weird 3AM thoughts were finally useful. Ever since, I have been building my own worlds and narratives, expanding my knowledge and skill in the process.

GM style

Im more on the roleplaying and exploration side. Many of my games focus on deeper bonds with characters and the mysterious world that one may never fully understand. But my ultimate goal is a balanced game which most people can enjoy, as well as having cooperative storytelling between players, world and me. Though I would say Im best at good roleplay and engaging combat, but exploration is something I started to like doing more and more (especially in the form of closed of areas like dungeons, ruins and temples). I also recently started GMing a Westmarch-esque kind of game. Regardless of what Im good at (and what I think still needs to be improved), I always strive to be open to criticism - my goal is to get better with every game.

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