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Brian Moll

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About me

Hello adventurer, well met! In 1994 I met one of my best friends who was also obsessed with D&D. We spent years in my dads garage rolling dice with our ever growing group. At points I Dmd for 13 players. No nerd turned away. It was at this time that my love for world building began. My friends and I spent every Friday and Saturday night battling ancient demons in attempts to save the world! Even thought I started as a player myself I have always loved building traps and puzzles, creating unique monsters and magical weapons, and laying the groundwork for epic dungeons. I spent 10 years DMing for the same group of players and building a world of wonder. However friends spread to the wind after school and now we are spread across the US. I took a break from the dungeon to go to war in the Grim Dark future. With the pandemic and an extreme lack of local games I have taken to online gaming. I absolutely love building worlds and epic stories that bring my players face to face with horrible villains. I relish the opportunity to embody my NPCs and their story. I build my own PDFs with custom monsters and magical items. I lace every game with dozens of side quest and opportunity to find glory in a way that matches the players personal play style. Join me in a game today, and immerse your character in a story thats grown over the decades!

GM style

I enjoy all the facets of the game. I do enjoy role playing as well as a voice or two. In-depth combat and tactics are a key factor in my games. Playing at my table will be a mix of interacting with NPCs and monsters, puzzles, traps, exploring dungeons and other dark places.

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