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Emily (The Weaver)

3 years on StartPlaying

About me

Hi all! I'm Emily, or The Weaver if you so wish. I am a story teller down to my core - always have been and always will be and I genuinely love nothing more than weaving together amazing and memorable stories that will stay with you till the end of your days. I have personally been playing Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) for five years now, alternating often between being a player and DM for all kinds of amazing stories. If you would give me the opportunity - together we could weave together something magnificent that will leave you aching for more.

GM style

A weavers job is to take the threads of fate and spin and guide them into something magnificent. The players at my table are those threads and together the tapestry that can be made is filled with so much potential. With a background in Game design and writing what I aim for in games I DM is a balance between a living world and character/player driven story. I really enjoy roleplaying and bringing the world to life in tangible ways through character voices, maps and props like letters. I also quiet enjoy throwing puzzles of all kinds - ranging from riddles to logic puzzles and all in between. I also specialize in homebrew as opposed to pre-set campaigns which gives me a lot more flexibility to weave characters and stories together that are unique and fresh. It is incredibly important to me that I foster good relationships (however fleeting) with my players through safety nets and check-in's throughout the session. Things may get dark for a little while but I will never push players into places they aren't prepared to go. The tables I run are inclusive and I won't tolerate abusive behavior of any kind towards myself or others at the table. I want the games I run to be memorable in a good way - stories and worlds that players want to revisit again and again.

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