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About me

Greetings, my isolated companions! Let us forge together into the blind alleys of the mind, to seek the silver treasure that is bright color and imagination that the mad muses have hid from mundane mortals. It is ours for the taking! I am a hack poet and a versatile Judge and Game Master with twenty years of dungeon graphing/crafting under my mining belt. Let's world-build together! I'm well versed in 5th Edition and will gladly run sessions, though I prefer Dungeon World (for open story and fun adventuring) or ACKS (for old-school dungeon crawling grit). Currently enjoying learning Call of Chthulu, Mork Borg, and Apocalypse World with my Quaranteam. In my day job I am (was, precovid) a performing musician/bard and music teacher. I am a fierce fighter for the necessity of stories and the importance of magic in song. In the past I have used Role Playing Games with musicians and lyricists to unlock deeper wells of creativity and muse. Stoked that Dnd is getting some good publicity during these lonely times...

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