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Adam R Samtur

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Adam R Samtur

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About me

Hail, Adventurers! My name is Adam (or aDaM, in this context), an NYC-based professional Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons Editions 3.5 & 5e, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, D20 Past, and a homebrewed game called "Monster Squad"! I have been playing DnD for a decade, and have DM'ed over 200 games in all sorts of settings: fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, and yes: even Pokemon. Since becoming a professional DM 2 years ago, I've enjoyed running games with all sorts of folks with all sorts of backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. I tailor every session, and every campaign, to my individual players, making sure they get the most out of the experience by focusing on the aspects of gaming they like best. More interested in a comedic, anything-goes environment? Let's throw in a stoner beholder! Want more NPC/PC RP time? Sure, I'll sit back and let you guys argue with Jim the Gnome Bartender all day long! Feel the need for constant combat? Let's roll initiative! With a background in improv, theatre, and creative writing, I try and bring both an immersive Role-Playing experience, as well as a fun, imaginative world-build with twists and turns, to my table. I'm a big fan of subverting expectations, keeping my players guessing, and throwing in lots of intriguing surprises. This is not your dad's DnD. So let's get rolling!


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