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Ben Mandall

3 years on StartPlaying

About me

In addition to many years of GMing, I've been organizing and hosting 'The Art of the Table' panels at PAX, GenCon, and other conventions across the country for over a decade. I love GMing and helping create magical moments around the gaming table. Introducing new players to the hobby is just as fun as letting a 'Forever GM' take a turn playing alongside their group. I'm happy to customize a storyline or break out a module you've always wanted to try out but haven't had a chance to. I'm open to all styles of play groups, LGBTQ+ are welcome, and I look forward to discussing campaign ideas with you!

GM style

Top 3 Styles of GMing: *Instruction* I'm very well versed at helping new players join the game. I've run many games for school clubs focusing on 5th to 8th graders, as well as many games for high-school aged players. I especially enjoy running mixed-age groups allowing parents and kids to play together. *High Adventure* Whether the genre is fantasy or sci-fi, the majority of my experience is with running games that blend a mix of tactical combat, cinematic action, and in-character roleplaying. Depending on the game I try to find a mix of drama, comedy, action, and above all fun. *Surreal Weirdness* When appropriate I love involving elements such as dreams, vision quests, obscure legendry, and real world esoterica in my games. This could include assigning homework to one player to bring a real-world myth to the next game session to share in-game or providing individual dream sequences to each player, to share and interpret as they see fit. My core strengths as a GM are: Patience, compassion, improvisational ability, and a sense of dramatic timing.

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