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About me

TLDR: I like big bots and I cannot lie. Let's do giant robot crimes and discover ourselves along the way! Hello, I'm Aaron and I've been playing and running ttrpgs and for many years. I completely fell in love with the Lancer system not long after its release in 2019 and In that time I've run dozens of successful games and campaigns. I want to share that experience and enthusiasm with you! In my games you can expect: -Safety tools to ensure the table is a source of joy and not a source of stress -A balance between a narrative focused, collaborative story-telling mode of play and a challenging tactical board game mode of play. Roleplay is highly encouraged even in combat scenes. -A "yes, and" philosophy, tabletop games are about the player's journey. I always strive to take player's ideas and run with them. -A high level of preparation and investment in your group's story *A zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, classism, and any other form of bigotry. -A passage I'm fond of from the Lancer core rule book: "We imagine that Union isn’t burdened by the same cultural definitions of gender that oppress and malign so many people who live under the umbrella of capitalism and empire and, as such, there is a wide spectrum of expression and identity in Union and among its constituent worlds."

GM style

I love roleplay and do my best with character voices. I can't promise my accents will always be consistent (it's a WIP) but I'll always keep the energy up and stay engaged in the scene with you. I try to split "camera time" evenly between narrative play and tactical combat, but even during combat scenes I will always encourage roleplay. I also love the idea of failing forward, I think it often ends up being far more interesting and rewarding than breezing through a game. For that reason, I try to make sure there are consequences to narrative play that allow you to play off them, not just "you rolled low so that doesn't work, try something else." Likewise, I try to make my combats challenging but fair, and failing a combat scene does not mean the game is over. That being said, players failing a combat scene is by no means the norm, and I'll always be rooting for you.

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