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Sheldon Morley

3 years on StartPlaying

About me

My name is Sheldon, and I want to run games for you! In 1987 a buddy of mine came to me in the lunchroom at school and said, "Hey, let's try this Dungeons and Dragons thing! It'll totally piss off our parents." He showed me the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide - the one with that badass looking efreet on the cover - and I was immediately sold on the idea. "It says here that someone has to be the Dungeon Master. It looks kind of hard. Who's gonna do that?" "Want to paper-rock-scissors for it? Loser has to be Dungeon Master." "Sounds good." After losing that fateful round of paper-rock-scissors, I fully embraced my role as a forever-GM. I've run everything from intimate, emotionally driven tabletops with just a few players to large scale fantasy boffer LARP's with hundreds of players. In 2012, I joined the plot team for Dying Kingdoms, a large scale campaign-style boffer LARP in Southern California. During my two successful years as a Lead Storyteller for DK, I honed the personal-plot driven GM'ing style that I would later become known for. More recently, I designed and ran my own campaign-style LARP called Undying. Undying is a dark fantasy Americana-inspired boffer/NERF LARP located in Southern California. It tells the story of The Undying, a factionalized community of sentient undead who are struggling to carve a place for themselves in an ancient realm of corruption and evil. In 2017, I was asked to record a full album of maritime music as a stretch goal for the wildly successful 7th Sea 2nd Edition Kickstarter. I worked with the design team to adapt real-world historical folk music to the game's setting, then I arranged the songs, recorded all of the instrumentation, sang the leads, and ran group sessions for the background vocals and harmonies. To this day, that collection of songs remains one of my proudest achievements.

GM style

My games tend to focus pretty heavily on roleplay, exploration, and pathos. As a GM, my number one goal is to get you to FEEL something in character, and any session where I can accomplish that is a victory in my eyes. I have a number of tools in my personal toolkit to accomplish this: 30+ years of GM experience, music training, sound design experience, improv training, decades of professional acting experience, years of LARP theory study, and most importantly, the understanding that I'm here to help you tell YOUR story, you're not here to help me tell mine. One final important note: my table is LGBTQIA+ inclusive, feminist AF, BLM friendly, and very much anti-fascist. If those values don't appeal to you, then I would encourage you to seek out any number of the other wildly talented GM's on this site. Thank you. I look forward to helping you tell your story!


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