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About me

I'm new to the site but i've been running games for the last 16 years. Started with 3.5, pushed through the nightmare i found 4e to be , and now I run alot of 5e. DnD has been a great experience. I prefer serious games more often. I find silly is okay but not when it is disruptive. When I run, I would prefer there is no bashing of anyone for their gender, sexuality, race, or otherwise. Well discuss what is and isn't okay with your group.

GM style

I like to mix roleplay with your traditional hack and slash. Long term homebrewed campaigns can lead to amazing stories that your character's choose. The pathways of the world lead in the direction you pick. From investigating a goblin's den to trying to overthrow a corrupt king, you make the story what it is. Do I make up voices? Sometimes. Early levels I tend to test what players can handle. Mid to late game I start increasing difficulty. There is always a way out. There is always a way to survive. You live or die by your choices. I usually allow anything that is officially released in a book. I don't allow homebrew material for players to use that I don't give them in game. Usually I run live and speaking to everyone. If you and your group prefer, we can also play a purely Text based adventure on Discord. This option is good for people who are shy to get introduced into roleplaying but is a much slower method of combat.

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