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Michael aka “LibertyJack"

3 years on StartPlaying

About me

I have been a Dungeon Master since 1985. My friends wanted to try a game called Dungeons and Dragons - Dragonlance but no one wanted to run it, so I raised my hand and have been running adventures ever since! I have run many systems but my favorites to create in are Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I have run a middle school D&D club and I have hosted many games and campaigns over the years -with a few on YouTube - and soon I would like to live stream them on Twitch!

GM style

I love bringing an environment to life for my players. I use dynamic maps in Foundry VTT and I create engaging stories and roleplaying atmospheres. I love my DM style because it allows the group to have the freedom to go and do whatever they want and the story and major events will unfold with or without their involvement. Now the story may change and get harder if the players take to much time or may get easier if they focus and go exactly where they are needed. I hate games that are literally just “travel here, fight these guys”. Travel there and fight some more. Instead I will come up with the chapters and have key events, but how and when you get there is up to the party! I have every sourcebook and adventure on D&D Beyond. I allow you to create your character with just about any option or backstory you can think of. I also supply the virtual Tabletop to play in your browser. No downloads, accounts, etc necessary. Finally I also have a private discord server available for all players to have access to me, their teammates and players in private channels that can be used for notes, get togethers and planning what you might want to do next session!


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