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Hey! Itsa me! I've been a paid dm for the last 6 years in my own community discord channel. I have players/clients that have been hiring me weekly for more than 3 years non stop, that would be avid to tell you how much effort i put in our weekly sessions . They have made long lasting friendships and have a never ending stream of inside jokes about it. We have two campaigns running right now, and are almost ready to start another two. The first is about to have enough players to be the second English speaking session, whilst the other is for Spanish speakers and has only one spot left. Since the release of Foundry VTT i have left roll 20 as my site of playing, and begun working on a new setting/ campaign. It is called dragon's grasp, and it aims to provide a different outlet for players to enjoy this game, thanks to a bunch of house rules, that we have developed and tested over the years. The details I'll be happy to share once we introduce our selves. I hope you consider playing with me.

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