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Heyoooooooooo I'm Val! Your new dnd provider if you are lucky! I am a 28 y/o spaniard that loves roleplaying almost as much as roleplaying loves him. Jokes aside I started playing when I was 16 or so and since I spent waaay too much time on this I decided to begin charging for my sessions, and I've never stopped. Some of my players have been hiring me for over 6 years now, every single week, and after all this time they've become main and eachothers close lifetime friends. We, together, created a homebrewed system that allows you to create your own class concept without reading a single book, just by playing. You ever felt like your videogames didn't have the class concept that you wanted to play as? You will NEVER feel that with us. You want to be an arcane gunslinger that rides a mechanical golem? Or a warrior that wields his summoned undead as melee weapons? anything it is you come up with, you can become, you need only make decisions that bring you closer to your class goals, in game, and it will happen. If you need visual aid to be convinced, look at our gorgeous dnd beyond add. Or just hit me up in discord and I'll answer any question! (val1996) ------------------------------------------------------------------- (old profile) I've been a paid dm for the last 6 years in my own community discord channel. Embark on a riveting adventure in the realm of D&D like never before! Join our weekly 5e campaigns, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. This pro Dungeon Master introduces a new classless system, empowering you to shape your character beyond the limits of traditional classes. Sessions are available every day of the week, ensuring a consistent and thrilling journey. Immerse yourself in a dynamic mix of roleplay, combat, and exploration, crafted with meticulous detail. Explore the fantasy nations of Dragon's Grasp, where your character's destiny unfolds against a backdrop of rich cultural nuances. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-timer, our games are open to all. Discover the joy of collaborative storytelling, where your character's tale is as unique as your imagination. Join us, and let's forge a legendary, classless campaign together! The details I'll be happy to share once we introduce our selves in discord (val1996) I hope you consider playing with me.

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