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Sammy Ferber

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About me

I'm a 24-year-old GM living in New York City. I've been running 5e games in my homebrew, Greek-inspired world of Gaia for over a year now. Gaia is a blend of Greek myth, actual history, and classic Dungeons and Dragons, so people can have a comfortable D&D experience in a non-medieval setting. Gaia is also home to the Demigod Racial Option, which allows players to play as half-mortal children of the gods, adventuring across the continent in hopes of living up to the expectations of their divine parent. I'm an NYU-trained actor and was on the national tour of RENT for two years. My acting experience allows me to think on my feet, create complex and compelling NPCs and story arcs, and work with my players to help them forge exciting backstories for their own characters that place them solidly in the world.

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