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Kyle Carter (Wizo)🧙‍♂️
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About me

I have been DMing for 20 years and still love this game! D&D is a great opportunity to shape a story with your friends and have fun with an adventure that you make yourself. I fully believe that the job of a DM is to be a narrator and not storyteller. The DM tells you what is around you and might even present some options, but at the end of the day it is the players who make the decisions and shape the story line. I have ran too many systems to count, but love D&D 5e since it is a great blend of 3.5 and 1st ed. As a DM, I am always pushing myself to make my talents improve and create a better game for you. This may involve practicing at voices, improving my tech, or just making things look nicer. If you are interested in getting a game going, I would love to work with you and am open to direct messages to get a game sorted out. I hope to see you in game and enjoy the wonderful game of D&D together.

GM style

I have DMed for a long time. At the tender age of 10, I started out being forced to DM for friends and loved it. I had to wake up for day-long sessions with people who would let themselves in just to play D&D with me. Due to this, I have gotten really good at improvising scenes! So please have fun and don't ever think, "I have to do this for the plot." Since then, I have focused a bit more on roleplay but am able to give detailed and complex combats depending on your skills as a player. I can provide a challenge for any group if you are up for it. In short, play how you want to play, do what you want to do, and I can easily adapt to present a world for you. I do tend to play the rules as written, but the Rule of Cool can always be an option, and you are always open to try something new.

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