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About me

Hello! My name is Kevin Elkins and I love playing D&D. I only started playing Dungeons and Dragons a couple of years ago, and I started DMing after my third session. I increased my DMing to a couple times a week shortly after I started playing, and I like to listen to a lot of actual play podcasts, so I have a lot of first hand knowledge for how long I've been playing, and even more second hand experience. I love the unique way of story telling that D&D provides, and I love to see my players take the reigns on the specifics of the story. My main goal as the DM is to create an experience. D&D is a game, but it is also a conduit for creating memorable experiences and collectively telling a new and unheard story. I love "the rule of cool", and I have a couple house rules that I like to use to make the player characters feel more like "heroes". Other than that, I try to follow all the basic 5e rules in my game sessions. I like to create challenging and fun combat encounters. I use a lot of 2d maps with game pieces to mark PCs and NPCs; this gives a chance for players to visualize the battlefield, but it still leaves enough to the imagination that you get the creativity of theater of the mind. I have worked with a lot of new players since I started to DM, and I still love to work with new players and help them learn this game that has affected so many people. I also love working with seasoned players. It's so interesting to see people's different perspective and play styles. Playing with people who know and love this game is pretty exciting, and I love to see the crazy builds that some people come up with. Thank you for getting this far, and I hope we can live in your stories together soon.

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