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Hello and well met! I have been playing one version of D&D to the next (except 4th edition) since 1982 when I fell in love with this game while getting my first experience playing with a friend in the back of a station wagon on a road trip. I fell into the role of Dungeon Master with my friends at the time the way that most do (no one else wanted to do it). I immediately fell in love with that role. The directing of a shared story narrative with a table full of friends hit my sweet spot. I believe that EVERYONE at the table should have their voice heard. This is what creates that shared experience of the game (whether a one shot or long term campaign). When starting up a new game players will often ask me it (fill in the blank here) is acceptable. My usual reply is yes and that it is my job as a DM to make it work. I usually prefer a pretty even mix of role playing to combat scenarios. I feel like both compliment each other very well. Bringing new players into the game is a joy. There is nothing else like bringing someone into a hobby which has been a part of my life for the past 4 decades!

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