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Kade Green
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Kade Green

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About me

As a player I have been involved in RPGs since the 70s when D&D first came out, transferred to the Hero/Champions system for over a decade and have played in different systems throughout the years; and am currently using D&D 5e. As a GM I have run games with different systems. Currently I am running two long term D&D 5e games, one has been going on for 5 years, and is coming to its conclusion, and the second for 3 years. During that time I have run a number of short adventures and one-shots as well. My goal as a GM is to create a collaborative story with the players. In these stories, the characters are the protagonist. I create an overarching outline of the plot based on the backgrounds of the characters and with input from the players. The flavor of my games is action oriented. Characters almost always have several options to choose from to advance the story. There are usually side plots available to be pursued as well. I am available to run long term campaigns (years); short term adventures (weeks to months); and one-shots scenarios (1 to 3 sessions). The sessions I run take place in a world recovering from an apocalyptic event. Civilizations are now recovering but they are isolated and only beginning to expand. The threats are many and varied, including Dead Zones, where undead are easily created, and Wild Zones, where mutation gives rise to fantastical plants and creatures. There are many opportunities to rediscover knowledge and treasures lost long ago during and following the apocalypse.

GM style

I love developing a story with the players, giving the players opportunity to develop their characters. There should be a balance of role play and combat.

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