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Matt Mason

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Matt Mason

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About me

Hi and thank you for looking at me for a potential Games Master for your first game! I've been Dungeon and Game Mastering for 4 years and have played started with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. I'm also versed in Dungeon and Game Mastering Pathfinder Second Edition for players who are interested in a more complex campaign, for both new and seasoned players alike. I'm interested in bringing to the table new players who are interested in learning how to get into Dungeons and Dragons if you are entirely new to the table top roleplaying game. If you are an experienced player and are looking for something with more complexity than Dungeons and Dragons, I have a homebrew campaign designed with Pathfinder Second Edition for the player in mind from character creation to combat to history of the realm. The first session, excluding session zero and garnering your preferences for which game system you're interested in, is free. After that, my price is set firmly at $5 per player per session with a max of four players per table. Games which I host will be able to get personally generated maps per situation, tailored sessions for both your character and everything your character decides to do and a full breakdown of the game while we play. Players interested will be able to contact me through here where a personal message will be sent out to privately message the about the game.

GM style

I'm a storyteller at heart and love telling you the intricacies of the differences of how you make your character's choices memorable when go out adventuring. Say you run into a dragon and wanted to talk your way out of it, I'll let you talk your way out until the Barbarian has the smart idea of going to the ledge. Most of my sessions you'll come to find that I run games with a lot of voice acting for the different NPCs (Non-Player Characters) you will meet and talk to. Sometimes it'll sound like I'm sick and dying while at another corner where someone else is trying to buy a sword, I'll sound like a spry young radio announcer. Other times you'll meet monsters with the capacity with which you'll be able to speak to and might be able to get them to stand down and I'll still only have to do one voice for them. Finally, you would have a hard time knowing what a person looks like. Something which I've been doing with my home games is by letting you know what the person looks like by who the celebrity is.

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