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Ted Bushman
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Ted Bushman

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About me

When we play together, be ready for original composed music, homebrewed content, and a focus on roleplaying and group storytelling. As a fantasy/science fiction author, actor, and writer of musicals, I have more than a decade's experience in interactive storytelling. My games are about wonder, imagination, and character. I've been GMing professionally since 2020 in story-focused, imaginative games -- Blades in the Dark, Numenera, Tales from the Loop, and D&D.

GM style

Storytelling is central to me both as a GM and a player. That means the NPCs in this world are reactive and voiced with tons of dialects and affectations. That means when I prepare a session, I am thinking about exciting experiences for the players -- not meat-grinder gauntlets to throw characters into. That means I prefer combat encounters with interesting enemies/locations/scenarios more than dry mechanical experiences. I love empowering players to roleplay and tell the stories that excite them. I'm a frequent homebrewer, constantly building addendums to systems and writing tons of fresh new content to whatever system we're using.

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