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About me

Hello my name is Darien Delgado. I have been involved with theatre since as far back as I can remember, being a part of everything from musical theatre, to improv, to Ren Faires, and even majoring in theatre, specifically acting and directing, throughout college. I am a big lover of role playing and character exploration. I got into 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons as a curiosity, and have been DMing for my friends ever since. I have also been a writer and story teller since childhood, so the role of DM just fit well. It's been little under 6 years (500+ hours) since I started DMing and find I prefer longer sessions, my longest being about 17 hours. But I don't expect anyone to do that again :) My typical sessions last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. But I have done just as well with shorter sessions. I am very much a person into the 'theatre of the mind', but I do have an extensive collection of mini's and many of the 5th edition books. My Campaigns are mostly homebrew, meaning I don't DM straight from the source material, I use the books more for flavoring of the worlds we will be adventuring in and exploring. Combat is fun but I try for it not to be the focus unless players make decisions making that the case. I am not a rules lawyer, but will gently give players a nudge if I see things getting out of hand. Overall, I want everyone to have fun and come away with a fun experience and memories that will either get them returning for more or even off on their own adventures adding just a little magic to their lives.

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