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Rohan B.

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Rohan B.

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About me

Hello there folks, who are reading this strange blurb! I am a writer, lawyer, artist, creator, and TTRPG lover. I've been DM'ing for near about 4 years at this point. I have a serious love for stories and the creative arts, which is probably why I love TTRPGs. My love for narrative-based storytelling molds my DM style into setting campaigns and spaces where players can explore stories and form their own narrative beats. I usually run 5E (since it is the most popular and quite flexible) but I have played systems like Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Powered by The Apocalypse, and a few other niche games.

GM style

My style is to foster sessions where players are engaged, immersed and having just a really good times. I am good with voices though admittedly I'm no voice actor. I just enjoy doing voices. My combat is usually tough but rarely unfair. I love puzzles but I know they are quite hit or miss with players so I use them sparingly. I love incorporating player character's stories and backstories and make them the centerpiece of any campaign I run. Occasionally, I love trying out old school TTRPG styles with extremely sandbox oriented play where players make their own goals and work towards them, with me only acting as an adjudicator and filling in the pieces.

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