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Nunzio Lorè

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Nunzio Lorè

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4 years
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About me

Hello there! I have been playing TTRPGs for 8 years and have been a Dungeon Master for 4 years. This is my first foray into the field of being a Professional DM. Over the course of the years, I have studied RPG design and consulted several resources online to better understand the trappings of the role of the Dungeon Master. I draw inspiration from a wealth of different schools of thought, as I believe there rarely is a one-size-fits-all solution. I realize there's different players out there who get a kick out of different things in the game. Taking that into account, I either opt to create an homogeneous group or to include enough elements for everyone to have fun. I have considerable experience with newbie / starter groups, having hosted several introduction games with them. I believe that having a 'technical' understanding of the rules helps me convey the intuition behind them to new players, so that they can more quickly master the concepts and feel more independent as a result. Despite having only mastered D&D, I possess and have read a wealth of different manuals for other TTRPGs. If you want to try something new, we can work on it together and come up with a solution - usually there's ready-made modules that can be used for this exact purpose. (I am not able to specify this in the list below, so I am pointing it out here)

GM style

I come from a solid background of D&D, so I mostly deal with interesting combat and perilous dungeons. Nevertheless, I enjoy carefully crafting intricate and realistic worlds the players can immerse into, as I believe role-playing games to be about the joy of exploring something new and exciting, too. Overall, a sense of immersion and genuine feelings are the things I try to stoke the most within the spirits of my players.

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